"Richard is very professional but will cater to the individual. I had a very enjoyable time and felt like a princess! His artistic eye is so intriguing and the way he captures every day moments and makes them shine is truly amazing." -Jenni

"Richard is a pleasure to work with. He was able to capture the fun, love, and laughter at our wedding reception wonderfully. The pictures were both beautiful and fun, I could not have asked for better. I will definitely recommend him to others." -Tricia

"Not many have the gift of capturing the soul in still photography, but Richard Seldomridge is one who has that gift. He applies that ability to all of his work, from the senior pictures he took for our daughter to his artistic work and photojournalism that I have used to match with my poetry. I could recommend no one more highly!" -Jeff

"Richard's eye for detail as well as beauty, and his ability to put his subjects at ease, help him to capture photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime." -Marna

"The pictures of our son that Richard took are not only beautiful and professional but they captured his personality. We look at them often and are richly blessed. He is our favorite photographer, in fact, we now live in Missouri, but I would be willing to drive to Colorado for his photography skills. Richard is just that good!" -Sarah

"There are a bunch of people with cameras, but in Richard's hands, the cameras produce incredible photography that is heads-and-shoulders above the rest. He quietly sneaks in and gets those candid shots you'd never think of. And they are amazing! I love Richard's nature photos & candids the best. He's always improving. And I'll certainly hire him again." -Jon

"Richard, Thank you, thank you, thank you! We got your package yesterday and have already spent hours going through all the photos - we love them!! You did such a wonderful job of capturing the event - it was like Kevin and I were re-living the day - every emotion and thought - as we went through the slides What a gift! Thank you!" -Catie

"I am absolutely in love with the photos you captured on the big day! Your timing was impeccable and you captured moments I never even knew were taking place in around me! I have spent many a minute starring at pictures one by one and they put such a huge smile on my face and remind me of that amazing day. You went above and beyond and I love the work you did! I wish I had more then thank you to express how grateful I am!!! Incredible work!" -Sarah
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