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Q: Can I have the desktop periodically change with time or use it as a screensaver?

A: That feature isn't directly built into the app, but you can easily accomplish it by doing the following: Open "System Preferences" from the Apple Menu and choose "Desktop & Screen Saver". On the lower left hand side of the Desktop tab click the + button to add a new folder. When the folder selection window opens type "Command-Shift-G" and then copy & paste the following text:


Click choose, and then you should see the photos come up. From there you can use "Change picture" control at the bottom of the window to change the desktop at a duration of your choosing. You can also set up the screensaver by selecting "Choose Folder" from the source menu in the Screen Saver Preferences and repeating the same action.

Q: How do I apply different desktop photos to multiple desktop spaces?

A: Once you have created more than one desktop space, use Mission Control to drag the window of the app to the space of the desktop you would like to set. Click on a photo to set the desktop. Repeat by dragging the window to a new space and choosing another photo.

Q: Where are the rest of the controls?

A: Choose "Options" from the Window menu. You'll find the controls for multiple monitors and aspect ratios.

Q: What are the quality of the files?

A: The photos are JPEG files at 5120x2880. This a much higher resolution than most desktops you'll find on the Internet (commonly 1920x1440 or, at the most, 2560x1600). At this size the photos will look great even on Retina and 4K or 5K displays

Q: How do I apply a desktop photo?

A: Just open the app and click on any one of the photo thumbnails.

Q: What are the system requirements?

A: The app will run on any Mac that is using 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, or 10.12 Sierra.

Q: What happened to the Colorado and Canyons & Arches apps?

A: The previous apps were combined into one app "Richard's Desktops". It takes the very best photos from the older sets and adds in 40 new photos from Colorado and Wyoming (a few of the older photos were left out to trim things down). Unfortunately being a new app, a new purchase is required, but it's only a small cost for the new photos.

For support, email me at:
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